The band reflects back on a 22 year long

musical experience – the coming together to play the

king of Reggae´s greatest songs in the form of a

Bob Marley Tribute band.

Over the years and during numerous concerts

nationwide the band has created and personalized its

very own dynamic and groovy performance and

interpretation of Bob´s well known hits.

Live and direct

Benji and Emmanuel began “tributing” Bob in 2000.

Mr. George, Leo, Carola and Andreas joined

the band a few years later.

In 2007 the musicians created a new band image

to present their own compositions as Riddim of Zion.

Mr Irieman and Uli made guest appearances before

teaming up in 2009.

The band altered the presentation of

their Bob Marley show in preparation for Bob´s

70th birthday anniversary year in 2015.

22 unforgettable years of stage experience presented new.

The Bob Marley Show

A Tribute to the king of Reggae



Robert Nesta Marley

06.02.1945 - 11.05.1981

Robert Nesta Marley

06.02.1945 - 11.05.1981