The Bob Marley Show

Tribute to the KING OF REGGAE

(Robert Nesta Marley 06.02.1945 – 11.05.1981)


Bob Marley died in May 1981, 36 years old.

His musical inheritance lives on as an everlasting component

in the history of music


The Bob Marley Show – a concert in memory of the King of Reggae.


The Memorial Concert presents a profile of the most popular

and beloved songs of Bob Marley,  “ No women no cry”, 

“Stir it up”, “Exodus”, “I shot the sheriff” , “Could you be loved”…..and many more.


Whether young or old,- the audience is taken on a musical

journey that unites all generations and cultures.

With the greatest songs of Bob Marley, we present

a bombastic and unforgettable stage show with original




A Tribute to the King of Reggae

Robert Nesta Marley

06.02.1945 - 11.05.1981

Robert Nesta Marley

06.02.1945 - 11.05.1981